1000 Pens

Why one thousand? My love of numerology, the decimal system, millennia or ten cubed? Nope, the 1000 are destined for my neighbourhood. In fact the first 100 got delivered last week, door to door by yours truly. Of course, as a Realtor I’m always willing to stop and chat but dropping off 1000 pens on foot is a bit of walking so I don’t actually ring or knock. I just leave the pen, otherwise I’d never get all 1000 out. No doubt many of the first 100 recipients are wondering why a random pen landed in their hands and hopefully they’ll come to this post and get some clarification and mild entertainment.

A pen is a useful tool for many reasons and my awesome wife bought me a bunch when I first got into this business. Over a few months I handed them all out and just recently placed an order for 1000 more in blue. Why pens? Realtors often send all kinds of print material to neighbours, friends and prospective clients alike but sadly for our hard earned dollars a lot of this stuff gets chucked right in the trash straight away. Unlike these, a pen has staying power and should last an incredibly long time being most peoples’ use of cursive writing has dropped off a cliff.

That pen you received has my number, name, website and email on it and may just sit on your desk, in your cup, pocket or car forever, silently broadcasting my name every time you pick it up to write something down. The pen itself is a relatively nice promotional item that you will hopefully enjoy writing with. Someone may borrow the pen from you and have my silent message promoted to them as well and thus the potential audience for my pens could easily reach 1500 or more.

If people actually used cursive writing for communication like they did 50 or 100 years ago, my pen would be far less useful as a marketing tool since said pen would be used up quickly, and of course tossed. Nowadays pens are used for a quick note, scrawling down a grocery list, filling out forms at the bank and work, or for signing things. Indeed it is only the older generation that would do many of these things as the young would rather drag out their phones.

But what of the pen? Is it mightier than the sword? Are ideas more powerful than brutishness? There is your answer. Ideas cannot be kept down by darkness forever and like the phoenix are always reborn. The pen has power, and the thoughts of men and women have poured out on paper over millennia, building nations, society, science, democracy, human rights and many of the good and noble things of our world today.

The pen is a metaphor for communication as well as a tool and it seems almost absurd that I can sit here and write this post about my marketing, with a potential audience world wide. Believe me, I know my writing is pretty trivial in the scheme of things, but the fact that anyone can contribute or consume content on the internet is probably the greatest innovation the world has ever seen.

It’s just a pen….from your Realtor.

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