What’s Your Home Worth?

The volatility of the 2017 housing market shouldn’t leave you guessing about the value of your property. Despite rising prices over the last decade, last year’s market was unsettling to many. Prices swung by as much as $150,000 in some parts of Waterloo Region last year.

If you’re unsure about your home’s value you should get my free Comparative Market Analysis. It’s an apples to apples measure of your property against other similar homes in your area. After gathering information about your home, I’ll perform a search on MLS for comparable properties in your neighbourhood. Numerous criteria such as age, style, sale dates and square footage will be scrutinized closely. Using this data I’ll generate a custom report showing you exactly how your property stacks up.comparative market analysis

Your home is often your most valuable financial asset and like any investment needs regular assessment by a professional. Uncertainty about the market is something most of us can do without. My free, no obligation Comparative Market Analysis will provide you real peace of mind about your property’s value.

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth!