Real Estate Videos And The Real Me

Real estate videos are really hard to make so I made a teleprompter a few weeks back. I’m kind of handy, so designing and building one took me about a week all told. The teleprompter has been a godsend. My stress levels and production times are a quarter of what they were beforehand, which is a pretty good thing. Getting in front of the camera is tough. The camera can make you vulnerable and self conscious, even if you are completely in control of the shoot as I am.

But acting is so much harder than what I’m doing. I’m just being myself talking into the lens like I’m having a conversation with someone sitting right behind the camera. The subject is real estate which I like talking about. I’m making real estate videos. I’m excited and happy to share my knowledge with my audience. That doesn’t sound so tough.

It’s hard work for me, because I’m not a natural in front of a lens. It’d be easy for an actor but they’ve got skills I’m seriously lacking. Their craft is pretending to be someone else. Not just lines, but behaviour and emotions. I am in awe of actors, especially good ones who somehow make it look easy.

Before I got into this business I’d have said a teleprompter is the height of fakery but now I’m not so sure. You see, most of us aren’t actors and only they’ve got the training to pull off a big speech without a hitch and without aids. I once heard a Christmas speech delivered by a CEO that almost moved me to tears, it was that good, and it was only later that I found out that said CEO was a former television actor playing a doctor for Advil adverts and also worked on-air for Wintario. Most CEOs, real estate agents, Obama, Harper and politicians of all stripes don’t have time or the ability to memorize a half hour’s worth of lines because they are not professional actors.

When you are in front of the camera (or on stage) there are so many other things to worry about. How you are holding your head, your gaze, tension in your shoulders, your expression, etc. Trying to remember all this and memorize and recite lines is a very tough order. The script has a natural ebb and flow that needs to be adhered to as well. A teleprompter allows the user to concentrate on expression, posture, gestures, body language and gaze by removing the need to memorize what you are saying, and this is huge when shooting real estate videos.

Authenticity is a funny thing. I’d like you to see me as I actually am when watching a video I’ve produced whether you’ve met me before or not. The ad lib video me is stiff and just a bit off. The teleprompter me is so much better. Perception matters in real estate, because you won’t want to do business with me until you get a real sense of who I am. Producing the natural authentic me on camera is actually a ton of hard work that hopefully you can’t see when watching.

But why do this at all? Why make good real estate videos or even great ones? Why make a teleprompter? Real estate is super competitive and I want your business. Traditional methods like door knocking work very well but eat up a huge amount of time. Calling everyone I know only works so often. However the internet is 24/7 and reaches millions. Providing free information in an enjoyable format is a good way to reach out to you, and hopefully if you like what you see you’ll continue visiting my site and at some point we’ll get together. When you’re ready my contact info pretty easy to find!


p.s. here’s an update from 2018. I’ve been doing this for some years now and my teleprompter seems to be collecting dust. The last time I used it was the summer of 2017. Practice makes perfect.

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