8 Steps To Sell

Selling your home shouldn’t be painful.

Use these 8 steps to maximize your price and minimize the time on market.

1: Pricing your home correctly
-A house that is overpriced sells other people’s homes.
-Being priced too low loses you money.
-A Comparative Market Analysis will set the right price for your home.

2: Condition matters!
-Repair every small defect you see, because these are the first things buyers will notice.
-Ensure that wear and tear in high traffic areas is addressed.
-Make sure your landscape is cleaned up and the lawn mowed.
-Paint is cheap, don’t overlook this step, and use neutral colours.
-Clean your house, inside and out!

3: Upgrades
-Some upgrades pay off better than others.
-Kitchens and Baths return the most on investment.
-A somewhat dated kitchen can be upgraded by refacing the cabinets.
-Granite counters are surprisingly affordable now.
-Don’t be cheap renovating high-end homes; your buyers will expect the best.

4: Your home is now a house
-Turn your home into a desirable marketable commodity.
-Depersonalize the living space.
-Take down personal effects such as family photos.
-De-clutter the entire property and place your excess in storage.
-Stage all the rooms with your best furniture.
-Do not over-crowd rooms; you need to show spaciousness.

5: Be always ready to show
-Realtors often expect to show a property on short notice.
-Private individuals may knock on your door at any time.
-Not being ready sends buyers elsewhere.
-Open houses are usually held on weekends.
-Agent open houses are held during the week.

6: Do open houses
-Go out during the open house.
-Take your pets with you.
-Don’t cook pungent food like fish the day of an open house.
-Make sure your house is spotless.
-Bake some bread, or some cookies an hour or so before the open house.
-Keep everything bright: lights on, curtains pulled back.

7: Get professional help
-Use a Realtor; I’d be glad to help you!
-List on MLS in order to maximize exposure.
-Don’t list exclusively unless your agent has compelling reasons for doing so.
-A tech-savvy Realtor is your best choice for selling your home.
-Facebook, Kijiji, online newspapers, Realtor.ca, personal and brokerage websites should be used.
-Traditional methods such as print media of all types, personal contacts and office leads work too.
-A good agent will use every available tool to market your home.

8: Get a great Realtor in your corner!
-Read the reviews.
-Check me out.
-Get me on your team!


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