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Agreement of Purchase and Sale

The Agreement Of Purchase And Sale (AOPS) is the primary document used to purchase a property. It’s equally important to both buyer and seller. An AOPS is almost always drawn up by an agent for a buyer client. Thus it’s crucial that the listing agent carefully scrutinize a contract that they have had no part in writing.

I can’t stress enough how important the AOPS is. Once signed it’s a binding contract between buyer and seller. It’s one of the key documents your Real Estate Lawyer works with. The AOPS is also forwarded to your lender..

I can write an agreement of purchase and sale in a half hour or so. But it often takes me just as long to explain the details of the contract to my clients. There are no shortcuts to the process and I never pressure my clients to hurry through the AOPS. After all there are 28 separate clauses and Schedule A to contend with as well as data such as names and price.

In today’s post I’ve shared a YouTube video taking you through the AOPS from start to finish. Just a warning, it’s long! But 15 minutes would be almost unacceptably quick if I was actually reviewing the document with real clients.

I’ve also included the 7 pages I used to make the video which you can review while watching.

agreement of purchase and sale

agreement of purchase and sale

agreement of purchase and sale

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Do Top Agents Deliver The Best Service?

In my business listings often go to agents who are well known big fish, and I’m certain that I’ve been out-competed this way many times. Having brand recognition is something all agents want, but do top agents deliver the best service?

Sometimes being too big can actually be a disadvantage and opportunities are lost, as I recently learned from some clients of mine.

It turns out that I wasn’t their first choice despite a referral from another client. They chose instead to go with a really well known lady who’s been in business for a number of years now.

From the sounds of things this agent has systems in place due to the volume of business she does. A top producing agent’s time is a very precious commodity that is best used selling real estate, not running the day to day affairs of the business.

Systems are necessary for managing many aspects of a real estate business and become increasingly critical the more successful one becomes. Putting out and removing signs, advertising, website design and presence, bulk mailings, and photography are often farmed out or handed off to administration staff.

My clients wanted immediate action listing their house and my competition wasn’t willing to bend her system to accommodate them. The big fish didn’t want to list their property immediately and couldn’t get a photographer soon enough for my clients, so she lost out.

They ended up calling me instead and I was more than happy to work with them and had their property listed the same night I met them.

I couldn’t get my usual shooter on such short notice either. Luckily I have some skills and equipment so I dropped $400 on a new lens and took the photos the next day just like I promised my clients.

do top agents deliver the best service

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in systems too but using a professional is always the best choice except when it isn’t. In this case stepping up and doing the shoot was the only choice.

I like making things, running things, being creative, being in charge, and being in control. Giving up this stuff solely to concentrate on sales would be really hard for me and doesn’t provide the flexibility clients often need and want.

Marketing In A Sellers Market

hot housing market

As anyone in Kitchener Waterloo knows, homes are selling quicker than pancakes at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, which is just around the corner by the way.

Houses are consistently going for far above the asking price causing many people to think that pretty much any Realtor will do. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Proper marketing in a sellers market is essential if you want maximum return on your property. You also want an agent who’ll protect your interests and make sure that any agreements you enter into are rock solid and iron-clad.

This is where I come in. I’ve got a very sharp eye and often see things others miss, and I’ve saved a few of my clients tens of thousands of dollars in the process by renegotiating or even getting them out of bad deals. Wouldn’t you want this level of care for your listing?

As for marketing, I’ve got you covered. My website features videos, two separate listings feeds and 160 pages of content. Would you like access to the Toronto and Mississauga real estate markets? I’ve got contacts there that I do business with. How about social media? The Royal LePage and Drew At Home brands are featured on Google+, Linkedin, Facebook and a YouTube channel. I’ve got personal pages that I advertise on as well.

What does this mean for you and your sale? Exposure, which is how you get maximum interest in your property and maximum return on your hard earned dollar. I do this using targeted fully narrated and scripted video advertising specific to selected geographic markets. I can deliver your home to tens of thousands of potential buyers at the click of a mouse.

I should mention some of the traditional methods that you can expect. Flyers, door knocking, agent and public open houses, Realtor.ca and the MLS all bring value.

Competition is fierce and that is why I work harder and smarter than my competitors. If you’re selling your home you need someone who knows marketing in a sellers market, an agent who brings his A-game to the table.

Spend 50 seconds watching this video, and see how I can help you sell your home for top dollar.