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Appliances Included?

Almost every seller I’ve dealt with has included the appliances with the sale. There were only a few occasions where they’ve excluded things.

There has never been an additional charge either.

The truth is, moving appliances sucks!

They are heavy and unwieldy and it’s easier to leave them be.

And they probably won’t match the new place either.

Sellers and buyers should note one very important thing about included appliances; there is almost always a clause in the sale documents that state that the appliances are in good working order upon closing.

The warranty clause is clear; if it’s not working on the day of closing the seller has to remedy the situation to the buyers’ satisfaction.

This warranty clause can cause a lot of grief. If you’re a seller make sure that everything is working before you sign or make sure you state that one or more of the appliances is ‘as is’ in the contract. If you’re a buyer make sure you check every appliance on the day of closing to ensure it’s working.

Appliances included? They should never jeopardize a deal that’s for sure. Always remember that they are a trivial amount of money compared to the property. Deal with their value accordingly.

If your appliances are high end and new make sure that is reflected in the asking price. But if you’ve had them 5 or 10 years you really shouldn’t stress too much over their value should you?

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