Appliances Included?

‘Are the appliances included?’ is a common question in a sale. I’m talking about the big 6; the stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer and the microwave. These six can easily throw a wrench into a deal. It’s really important for the buyer and seller to be clear about the appliances. There are four factors to consider: will they be a deal breaker/maker? how new are they? what are they worth? and the warranty clause that’s part of any good agent’s work.

This clause is very important because it can cause a ton of unhappiness. It states that all appliances will be in good working order upon closing. As the seller you are on the hook if an appliance is no longer working on the day of closing. Make sure you say ‘appliance as is’ in the offer paperwork if an appliance of yours isn’t 100%

Despite the warranty clause appliances should never factor heavily in a real estate transaction. The amount of money paid for even very nice appliances is trivial compared to the hundreds of thousands spent on a property. If a buyer insists that a seller throw in the appliances I’d advise the seller to make a fair assessment of what they are worth and factor that into the negotiations. Often appliances are merely a way for a buyer to get a perceived price reduction from the seller and should be treated as such. Another way would be a side deal outside of the final offer price, where the seller and buyer hash out a fair price for the appliances on their own, which may be especially pertinent for new high-end stuff. Either way, appliances should never scuttle a deal.

Both parties need to consider the age of the appliances. Stuff that is 5 years or older isn’t worth quibbling over. The big 6 last at most a little over a decade before needing repair or replacement and aren’t going to be worth much five years on.

Do you really want to disconnect a used dishwasher and move it along with all the other appliances before closing? If you are a buyer and don’t plan on any massive kitchen renovations straight away then maybe the sellers’ appliances will do just fine for your tastes.

In the final analysis the bottom line is value, but not just financially. What is pain and hassle worth? Keeping the appliances means the new homeowner doesn’t need to go on a shopping spree right away and lessens the work that the seller needs to do vacating.

If the appliances are staying know exactly what you are getting and make sure that the appliances are included in the agreement of purchase or sale. If you want to be extra cautious you could take photos and jot down model numbers as well.

If you are doing a side deal for some appliances make a separate purchase agreement with the seller payable on the day of possession, knowing for sure that you’ll get exactly what you bargained for.

While I do believe that appliances should never scuttle a deal, getting everything ironed out and in writing is the best way of preventing angry and unhappy feelings and possible lawsuits. A good Realtor is your best friend!


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