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I’m Andrew Shackleton, a real estate agent in Waterloo. My brand, Drew At Home, describes me and my business to a tee.

Homes are my passion. They are the bedrock of my career and my life. I’m a homeowner in the business of buying and selling homes.

I’m a bit of a homebody. And there’s no place I’d rather be. I run my office from home. The flexibility is fantastic. Aside from selling homes I’m probably happiest tinkering in the basement.

Speed was an addiction since childhood. 30 years ago is yesterday, tearing down bike motors on the kitchen table. I did not enjoy crashing at 90 mph. Some of my friends went pro. I miss my bike.

I am one of those types that can fix anything. I’ve spent some time in construction and know a ton about houses. Focusing on the structure and mechanical systems is more important than the décor.

Being rational and grounded is important. And in business reason wins over emotion every time. What role does the heart have in a property’s ROI?

I’m a centrist politically. The world is nuanced, not black and white. My social values reflect this. But moneyed interests have too much influence. Lobbying should be outlawed.

Being kind and well mannered is just as important as being assertive.

Self improvement has been a consistent thread running through my life. It was tough going to university in my 30s, but so worth it. School was life changing and made me a lifelong learner.

I’m a bit of a geek. I’ve built two websites so far. Making real estate videos is fun. Davinci Resolve is great software. I wanted a teleprompter so I made one.

Marketing homes online is something I excel at. 90% of buyers are on their phones looking at properties. Social media has a very wide reach. Print media is dying.

My daughter Miranda and I have built two computers.

But she and her sister Hillary are better at tearing apart a laptop than I am. They are better computer mechanics than me. This brings me great satisfaction.

My wife Jude is a textile artist with a strong online presence. And my son Simon is a programmer who speaks Japanese.

I live in a house full of love. Drew at home. I am a fortunate man.

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Andrew Shackleton

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