Andrew In 419 Words

You’ve probably got some questions about me, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Maybe something like ‘who is this guy and how can he help me?’

My name is Andrew Shackleton. And I’m not related to the famous explorer. Unlike Sir Ernest, I’ve stayed local and know the area like the back of my hand, which is a great asset for a Realtor to have.

In real estate, competency is a combination of experience and education. I know houses inside and out.  And a BA helps with important legal stuff like writing and reading contracts. It’s my 7th year with Wolle Realty, a great brokerage to work for.

But you want more than competent don’t you? You want exceptional. That isn’t easy. It requires really listening to your needs, going over and above on service, having a really keen eye, and being meticulous with research, planning and paperwork.

Is this just marketing hype? Or do I deliver the goods? Read my reviews and see for yourself.

So that’s out of the way and you’re still reading. Now who am I as a person?

What am I like?

‘Mostly liberal’ would be a good description philosophically. I’m a bit of a centrist. We should be free to question the status quo.

Being a little too analytical would be a weakness of mine. I like to understand exactly how things are. I can be way too serious.

Despite that I have a ready smile and love humour, the more irreverent the better. And I’m also slightly gullible. Sometimes stuff flies right over my head.

For a real estate agent I’m not hugely social. And I’m not a fan of big gatherings. Anything more than about 20 people is too much. Having coffee or lunch with someone is my favourite way to engage with them.

I spend most of my free time with my wife and kids. And I spend a few hours each week with my best friend drinking coffee and talking shop. A few close friends are better than a ton of acquaintances.

I think personal growth matters, and not just for me.

Making the world better even a little bit helps so I try to do my part. We shouldn’t take literacy for granted. The hundreds of volunteer hours I’ve put in at The Literacy Group teaching IT tell me that. Imagine someone with limited language skills not knowing how to send an email, or being an older laid-off worker with their first computer. Life can be very hard.

I’m also a club officer with a local Toastmasters chapter. Providing a welcoming and friendly environment is one of my chief roles. Mastering public speaking is challenging and support is essential. And we are all striving to improve no matter what our skill level. Seeing that growth is great.

Helping people in my personal life and in business is exceptionally rewarding and brings me a lot of satisfaction. I like helping people. I can help you too.

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