Andrew In 502 Words

You’ve probably got some questions about me, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Maybe something like ‘who is this guy and how can he help me?’

I’m Andrew Shackleton, a real estate broker focused on the Kitchener Waterloo area. I’ve been with Wolle Realty since 2015.

Exceptional service is what I deliver. That means really listening to your needs, going the extra mile and being meticulous with everything I do.

Oddly enough I got into real estate though a random conversation about flipping houses with my wife. I’d mentioned real estate agents and Jude replied ‘you can do that’, and the rest is history.

Probably the biggest thing I like about the business is protecting people. Bad properties and bad contracts can do some serious financial damage and the guidance I provide my clients is critical.

Here’s a bit more. I have a famous last name but I’m not related to the antarctic explorer at all. Unlike Sir Ernest I’ve stayed put most of my life, which is useful for buying and selling homes here.

The rush of adrenaline is still fun. A love affair with motorcycles started at 12. Later on I raced them and then bicycles too. I spent a bit of time in the ring. And I still crash my mountain bike seemingly on schedule.

Self reliance runs pretty deep. I learned to weld from the internet because I wanted to build bike frames. I’ve swapped motors in my driveway. I got a degree in my late thirties. This website is the third one I’ve built. And there isn’t much I haven’t done around the house.

Success in real estate comes from personality traits and critical skills that bring true value to my clients. Being empathetic and selfless is the foundation that my success is built on. It truly is your life, your money, and your needs and wants that have to come first.

Exceptional hands on knowledge of structures and equipment is also very important in this business. I spent all of high school wrenching on motorcycles and cars and later worked as a construction worker.

And I am a life long learner in a very dynamic industry. Becoming a broker was a goal from day one. Literacy is just one skill needed for reading and writing purchase agreements and any related documents connected to a sale. I take pride in working to be better each and every day.

Just like this website, advertising and communication are constantly evolving. Needless to say I’m well ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing properties. Getting you top dollar while keeping any disruption of your life to the absolute minimum is not just an aspiration.

I’m not big on tooting my own horn but I am good at this. I’ve won two Master Sales awards in the past few years and earned the President’s Gold for 2021. If you want some validation read my reviews or check out the fifteen 5 star reviews I have on Google.

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