Should I Get A Home Inspection?

The answer to ‘Should I get a home inspection?’ should always be yes, no doubt about it. It’s a trivial amount of money to spend for some real peace of mind. An inspection can save a buyer thousands of dollars if things are uncovered.

While I’d never advise against getting one done, sometimes market forces make it impossible to secure a property with an inspection clause, or any other conditions for that matter. This has been true for the last several years and in 2017 as well. So it’s a big relief that the market has shifted more favourably towards buyers this year. Inspections are once more a regular thing on offer paperwork.

A home inspection is a good idea if you are a seller too. In this case it’s done before you list. The inspection will tell you if there’s anything seriously wrong that you may have missed. This gives you an opportunity to fix things and potentially avoids lawsuits down the road. When you make the report available to buyers before they offer it increases trust and marketability and puts more dollars in your pocket.

When market conditions allow for it the vast majority of my buyer offers have an inspection condition. Several of my clients who’ve answered yes to the question ‘Should I get a home inspection?’ were pretty happy having spent the four or five hundred dollars.

One inspection uncovered some significant roof and siding issues. In two other cases asbestos was found. Another home had a rust damaged furnace that was fixable but needed some money to make it right. Here’s some more things: sump pump, (4)foundation cracks, eaves troughs, roof, water heater, AC, non working lights and outlets, (2)bad breakers, rat poison inside duct-work, poor drainage. Our most expensive issue was a supposedly rewired house had knob and tube wiring hidden away in between floors.

If significant issues are uncovered a buyer has the option of abandoning the deal, renegotiating on price or having the seller remedy the deficiencies. We’ve done all three of these things at one time or another, saving my clients tens of thousands of dollars as a result.

Even if nothing serious is found the inspectors have a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience to pass on to the buyer. My clients get a thorough education on every aspect of the home which is why it’s essential that they attend.

Get an inspection.

Here’s four great inspectors I work with:
Alder Creek Inspections
Canadian Home Inspection Services
Green Trust Services
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