8 Steps To Buying A Home

Buying a home is a big decision and there are many things to consider in the process. Use this 8 step buyer checklist to help you.

1: Is home ownership right for you?
-Consider the pros and cons of rental accommodation vs. owning your own property.
-Is your lifestyle fluid or are you committed to living in one place?
-The cost of rent and utilities vs. mortgage, taxes, maintenance, gas, water and electricity.
-Ever increasing rental expense vs. increasing property values over time.
-Are you committed to the responsibility of buying a home?

2: Do you have the financial ability to buy a house?
-Can you afford to pay your expenses and enjoy your life as well?
-Examine your TDS and GDS ratios to see what you can afford to pay each month.
-The Total Debt Service ratio is up to 42% of your gross income.
-Your Gross Debt Service ratio is up to 35% of gross income.
-These include mortgage payments, heating costs, taxes and any other debt payments.
-The ratios do not determine your mortgage amount but how big your monthly payments can be.
-Your down payment and mortgage amount together is equal to the purchase price.
-The minimum down payment is 5% of the property value.
-Take a look at my mortgage calculator page for more details.

3: What is your perfect home?
-What style of housing?
-Freehold or Condominium, or other ownership options?
Neighbourhoods you should consider.
-Kids? See Kitchener Waterloo Schools
-Lifestyle, such as closeness to amenities, transportation or nature.
New construction vs. resale.

4: Finding your home
-Work with an experienced professional.
-I will show you potential matches and point out the pros and cons of each property.
-You’ll get advice on purchasing, inspections and any other things that need attention.
-I’ll help you with mortgage needs such as getting pre-approved.

5: Buying your home
-I’ll help you establish a suitable offer price.
-A purchase agreement will be completed with conditions as appropriate.
-The offer will be presented to the seller, and if accepted you’ve just bought a home!
-If the offer is signed back, the changes will be carefully scrutinized and discussed with you.
-You may decide to forgo this purchase and look for another home, counter offer again or agree to the sign-back.
-A deposit is required within 24 hrs. of offer acceptance.
-Once your purchase is made I’ll make sure that all the necessary steps are taken before closing, including financing, property insurance, property inspection, taxes, lawyers and title insurance.

6: Closing Day
-On closing day your lender will give the mortgage amount to your lawyer.
-You will provide the down payment, less the deposit, to your lawyer.
-You’ll also need to pay any remaining closing costs.
-Your lawyer pays the seller, registers the home in your name, gives you the deed and the keys to your new home!

7: Home Ownership
-Ownership is a big commitment so consider the following points:
-Have a budget and stick to it.
-Make your monthly payment obligations.
-Keep a reserve fund for maintenance.
-Have a fund for emergencies.
-Maintain your home and landscaping.
-Pay down any debt you have as quickly as possible including your mortgage.
-Have a safe place for valuable documents.
-Make sure you have an escape plan, smoke and CO detectors, and a fire extinguisher.

8: Get me on board as your agent!
-Check me out.
-Read my reviews!
-Get in touch!


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