Fairfield/North Ward

Fairfield, better known as Breithaupt, and North Ward are older neighbourhoods north of Victoria St. While Fairfield is almost entirely residential, North Ward is not, consisting of a mix of industrial, commercial and residential construction dating from the post war era. Many of the properties nearest Breithaupt Park are lovely homes, and the area is desirable enough that some properties have been rebuilt new.

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Margaret Avenue Senior Public School
325 Louisa St. Kitchener, ON N2H5N1
Phone: (519) 578-1910
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Prueter Public School
40 Prueter Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H6G6
Phone: (519) 578-0910
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St. Teresa
270 Edwin Street, Kitchener, Ontario, N2H 4P4
Phone: 519-743-2131, Fax: 519-743-6804
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