Hidden Valley is a spectacular area featuring very high-end newer construction along the south-western bank of the Grand River. It’s bounded to the north, east and south by Highway 8 and the river.

There isn’t any public transport in Hidden Valley. Nearby there’s a solitary bus route that runs along Wilson and the LRT stop at Fairview Mall. In contrast Highway 8 access is excellent and the 401 or the Conestoga Parkway is maybe 5 minutes away.

The older properties in this suburb could almost be classified as rural and many would date from the 1970s or older. They can be found on Hidden Valley which is the ring road in the area. There is also at least one working farm here as well. These properties have been joined by newer and bigger homes built to take full advantage of the river front vistas you get on this road.

The south end has been built up too, starting in the early 2000s. While the homes to the west are certainly luxurious they seem modest in comparison to those nearer the river. The acreage matches the build level here quite well.

There are no schools or grocery stores in Hidden Valley. But there are plenty of nearby grocery stores to choose from. Catholic and Public schools are close but many here would be sending the kids to private schools.

The remaining natural areas in Hidden Valley are magnificent and I’ve explored them many times in the past on my bicycle. This spot is a true gem. Other local attractions include Homer Watson Park, Chicopee, the shops across the river where Deer Ridge is, and Deer Ridge Golf Course too.

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