Idlewood and Lackner Woods

Idlewood, and Lackner Woods in the south end, are quiet east-end suburban neighbourhoods. The northern and eastern portions are a fair bit older than the rest. Some of the major arteries have multi-residential rental accommodation built up along them. Idlewood and Lackner Woods have lots of nearby nature in Idlewood Park and Lackner Woods. Local schools are relatively close as are shopping and the expressway.

If you’re an aviation buff you’ll get to watch the relatively light traffic flying out of the Region of Waterloo International Airport. Lackner Woods is directly under the flight-path of runway 26, the most commonly used departure at the airport. 80 percent of the traffic is light aircraft, but airlines are flying some limited routes too. I love aviation and think the traffic is a non issue, but others certainly disagree with my sentiments. According to 2015 airport statistics, on average 15 households a month complain about aviation noise. In any event, airport usage can only be expected to grow in the future, and if you don’t like planes this is something to consider.

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