New Housing In Kitchener

If you’re looking for a brand new home in Kitchener you’ll find large scale projects in Laurentian West, Trussler, Huron Park and Doon South, as well as the Dundee suburb in the near future. They are also building new homes in Grand River South and North but on a much smaller scale.

Kitchener is somewhat developmentally limited by physical and political borders. The vast majority of lands left for new housing developments are in the south west corner of the city. And right now there are only three suburbs that are still partially or fully zoned agricultural, South Plains, Dundee and Trussler.

Huron Park is mostly a mature neighbourhood aside from the newer developments along Huron Road. However, there’s brand new stuff being built on the south side of Huron Rd. by Heathwood in the Wallaceton Community.

Dundee is just to the west of Doon South. Activa is currently building at the border and there are plans in place to extend Strasburg Rd. (from the Huron Park neighbourhood) all the way south to New Dundee Rd. A significant portion of Dundee is zoned ‘Future Use-1’ and there’s little doubt that housing will be a big portion of this.

Trussler is currently a 50/50 mix of agricultural land and development. The northern portion immediately south of Bleams Road is slated for development and projects are already underway. There’s also work being done by Heathwood on the west side north of Williamsburg cemetery.

Laurentian West, immediately to the north, is finally being built out along the western border along Trussler, mostly by Activa.

South Plains, on the border of Trussler and New Dundee Road is still untouched and almost 100% agricultural. It is the furthest away for the city and will be the last area to be built on, if at all, although I’d fully expect that there will be immense pressure to build on it in the future.

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