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Chinese Investors

Are Chinese investors really to blame for the west coast housing run up we’ve seen over the past couple of years? Certainly, many Canadians have

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Determining Your Mortgage Size

Your mortgage size is determined by three factors; your mortgage payment, the interest rate, and the amortization period. Once you calculate the size of your monthly

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wells and septic

Wells And Septic Systems

I’m looking for rural property for a client and thought I’d share some of the pitfalls that can beset a rural purchaser who’s not diligent.

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Why Get Pre-approved?

Why do some buyers get pre-approved before looking at property, and others don’t? Why wouldn’t they want to? There are very good reasons for getting a

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Rent To Own, Good Idea?

‘Rent to own’ is a term that comes up pretty frequently in the real estate business. There has always been a bit of mystery surrounding

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The ION LRT construction extravaganza is starting to impact yet another section of our two downtowns. I feel sorry for the businesses whose bottom lines

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